One of the most distinctive and uniquely Los Angeles vape juices available is ORGNX E-liquids. Their mission has always been to revitalize the e-liquid market with their collection of energizing fruity menthol tastes, which are expertly made in sunny Los Angeles.

ORGNX is expanding continuously and quickly for a business that is still relatively young. ORGNX has remained committed to creating exceptional fruit-flavored vapes with the best ingredients while many juice businesses have divided their efforts.

Additionally, ORGNX just won the Best E-Liquid Award at the 2019 ECC Vape Expo, a very significant honor for such a young business.

ORGNX is the vape line for you if you enjoy peach, lychee, honeydew, apple, or any combination of these tastes. ORGNX delivers a cool summer to you whenever you choose, no matter where you are or what time of year it is!

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