Return Policy

Return Policy

Only the account from which you requested the refund will have it handled.

If your item or package is broken, malfunctioning, or otherwise defective, you must tell the business through email (brand email address) within three days of purchase in order to successfully swap the item or receive a refund.

Products returned without a manufacturing flaw will not be given a refund.

Please be aware that shipping fees are not refundable. Additionally, any further handling and shipping fees would be the customer’s own.

Exchange Procedure

You must inform us within three days of receiving the merchandise if there is no manufacturer fault and the item is in good working condition but you still want to swap it.

You have two options: earn store credit or trade the item in for another one in the same category.

Non-Refundable Items

All of the goods sold by (brand name) come with a 15-day limited warranty, with the following exceptions due to re-use and hygiene concerns:



Disposable Vapes

Nic Salt


Customers are asked to thoroughly inspect their purchases before appropriately exiting the store. Due to difficulties with reuse, some items cannot be returned or exchanged once the consumer leaves the store.

We always ship our goods to clients in pristine condition, however in the unlikely event that any of the aforementioned goods are harmed in transit, we may accept returns.

Return Address

The item you desire to exchange or return can be sent to (address)

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