WET LIQUIDS Watermelon Apple SaltNic – 30 ml


Watermelon Apple by Wet Salts ELiquid has brought the gorgeous combination of watermelons and apples to life to fulfil your vaping desire.

Watermelon Apple WET LIQUIDS SaltNic – 30ml:

Do you want fruit-flavoured vape liquids that taste smooth, clean, and natural? Wet Liquids has created a gorgeous collection of fruity e-liquids, each bursting with some of the most flavorful juices ever tasted in vapour form. WET LIQUIDS Watermelon Apple  SaltNic is without a doubt one of their most soothing offers, combining two fruits that both quench the thirst while refreshing the senses beyond expectation. This e-liquid is produced with pure salt-based nicotine, which gives an extra level of exciting delight to the entire vaping experience.

When you blend two distinct fruits that are suitable for separate seasons, something amazing is likely to happen. The heavenly combination of luscious watermelons and crisp red apples has finally arrived. That’s right, vapers, Watermelon Apple by Wet Salts ELiquid is here to quench your vaping thirst.

Both fruity liquids will flood the tongue and work their way down the palate, leaving you wanting more. Just as your mouth begins to salivate, a burst of pure, natural sweetness bursts through for a revitalising exhale that will put a smile on your face.

Wet Salts’ Watermelon Apple vape juice comes in a compact bottle with a smooth and balanced throat hit foundation that adds even more flavour to every vaping session.

As soon as you take that first inhale, the balance between these two fruits is clear, with each providing its crisp juice to the palate for a dazzlingly refreshing experience. They are gradually brought together by their natural sweetness, which satisfies the sweet desire without detracting from the complexity that each offers. When it’s time to exhale, it should feel like you have drank a newly prepared elixir created with the ripest fruit in the orchard.

This Wet Liquids nicotine salt E-Juice can undoubtedly become your next Addiction for all the right reasons, no matter what time of year it is.

This juice was designed with low-output atomizers and devices in mind. We propose that you use any of the refillable systems in our department to fill this drink.

Watermelon Apple Salt E-Juice Specifications:

Flavour Profile:  Watermelon, Apple, Fruit

Sizes:1 x 30ml bottle of Watermelon Apple by Wet Liquids

PG: 50%

VG: 50%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 30mg, 50mgs

Manufactured in: USA


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