WET LIQUIDS Watermelon Apple Ice E-liquid -100ml


Watermelon Apple Ice by WET LIQUIDS E-liquid -100ml:

Fresh fruits, which satisfy the thirst almost as well as actual, freshly squeezed nectar, are one of the things that vapers seek the most. Wet Liquids has mastered this skill with a line of fruit-flavoured e-liquids that are so clean that they make the mouth water the moment the vapour meets the palate. WET LIQUIDS Watermelon Apple Iced is one of their most refreshing flavours, sounding as wonderful as it tastes and boasting the best ingredients that work together beautifully to invigorate the senses with each puff.

Watermelon Apple Iced mixes two of the most energising fruity flavours with the force of profoundly chilly menthol to create a sensationally delightful tasting profile. Each dose will feel like a cool breeze passing through your body, leaving you feeling relaxed and ecstatic as the vapour enters every taste bud.

You’ll find yourself swooning as the nuances come to life on your tongue once you’ve let the vapour into your mouth. The luscious apples’ sharpness pairs nicely with the mellow watermelon, and both fruits become sweeter as they pass through the mouth. Finally, menthol swoops in to soothe you.

WET LIQUIDS Watermelon Apple Iced is one of their most refreshing flavours, and it sounds as wonderful as it tastes, using only the best ingredients.

Lychee vape juice by Wet Liquids comes in a huge bottle with a delightful cloud chasing and throat pounding 70/30 VG/PG basis that all vapers will adore.



Watermelon Apple Iced E-Juice Specifications:

Flavour Profile: Watermelon, Apple, Menthol, Fruit

PG: 30%

VG:  70%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg

Sizes Available: 100ml

Time to Steep: Pre-Steeped

Manufactured in: United States of America


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