WET LIQUIDS Raspberry Orange SaltNic – 30 ml


Raspberry Orange by WET LIQUIDS Salts ELiquid is made up of fresh-off-the-vine blood oranges and orchard raspberries, and it’s ready to vape right now!

Raspberry Orange by WET LIQUIDS SaltNic -30ml: 

What happens when you combine two energetic fruits that are both bold and vibrant? The possibilities for how effective they can appear two be limitless. Get ready for a winning combination that’s likely to please vapers who enjoy a delicious fruity blend. WET LIQUIDS Raspberry Orange 30ml has the flavour of fresh-off-the-vine blood oranges and orchard raspberries. Your palate will be instantly refreshed.

Wet Liquids has created a beautiful collection of fresh fruity vapes, each one bursting with irresistible nectar that is nuanced and balanced. WET LIQUIDS Raspberry Orange Salt brings up two breathtakingly juicy fruits alongside a hefty amount of salt-based nicotine, making it the perfect e-juice to brighten your mood while also purifying your palette. It’s the kind of e-juice that you can’t get enough of, with a level of intricacy that never gets old.

The titillating berry flavour makes the palate tingle with delight as the lusciously brilliant juice soaks into every taste bud when you inhale. The citrusy orange nicely balances the raspberry flavour, elevating and invigorating you in a way that only a California import can. On the exhale, the natural sugars are progressively coaxed out, satiating the sweet tooth while creating feelings of bliss throughout the body.

Wet Salts’ Raspberry Orange vape juice comes in a compact bottle with a 50/50 VG/PG base for a soothing throat hit.

This nicotine salt E-Juice is perfect for when you need a fruity pick-me-up, especially on a dreary day.

This WET LIQUIDS Blackberry juice was designed with low-output atomizers and devices in mind. We propose that you use any of the refillable systems in our department to fill this drink.

Raspberry ORANGE Salt E-Juice Specifications:

Flavour Profile: Raspberry, Blood Orange, Fruit

Sizes:1 x 30ml bottle of Raspberry Orange by Wet Liquids.

PG: 50%

VG: 50%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 30mg, 50mgs

Manufactured in: USA

NOTE: Must be Used with High-Resistance Coils


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