WET LIQUIDS Cucumber Crush SaltNic – 30 ml


Cucumber Crush is refreshing on a whole new level! One puff and you’ll be greeted with a blast of crisp cucumbers coupled with a perfect cool throat hit to make this one of the most revitalizing blends.

Cucumber Crush By WET LIQUIDS Saltnic -30ml:

Wet Liquids has never failed to please the needs of fruity vapers who want nothing but the cleanest, most authentic-tasting vapes. Their commitment to using only the best, freshest ingredients has paid off, as their whole collection of e-liquids has wowed the vaping community. WET LIQUIDS Cucumber Crush Salt is one of their most refreshing flavours, with a calming cucumber flavour boosted with just the proper amount of natural sweetness and elevated to a whole new level with pure nicotine salts that provide amazing enjoyment with each puff.

Cucumbers are thought to be one of the most soothing vegetables. You can’t go wrong with it, from its pleasant aroma to its dermatological characteristics. You’re in for a treat if you’re a vaper who wants to try this natural botanical delicacy. WET LIQUIDS Cucumber Crush Salt ELiquid is a cold explosion of pure cucumber deliciousness.

Cucumber Crush Salt begins with a cool cucumber that glides over the tongue with a crisp, purifying flavour. The natural sugars begin to balance the overall flavour profile while also adding depth. By the time you’re ready to exhale, you’ll feel revitalised from head to toe.

Each inhales and exhales gives you a taste of this one-of-a-kind wonder, with a dash of menthol for added vaping pleasure.

Cucumber Crush vape juice from Wet Salts comes in a small bottle with a 50/50 VG/PG combination for a pleasant and non-hard throat impact.

This is the perfect nicotine salt-based nicotine E-Juice to add to your collection today if you’re looking for something truly reviving. When you’re desiring those euphoric vaping sessions that you simply want to ‘crush,’ it’s without a doubt the ideal Wet Liquids ADV.

This juice was made with low-output atomizers and devices in mind. We suggest using any of the refillable systems in our section to fill this juice.

Cucumber Crush Salt E-Juice Specifications:

Flavour Profile: Cucumber, Hint of Menthol

Sizes:1 x 30ml bottle of Cucumber Crush by Wet Liquids

PG: 50%

VG: 50%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 30mg, 50mgs

Manufactured in: USA

NOTE: Must be Used with High-Resistance Coils


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