WET LIQUIDS Blackberry SaltNic – 30 ml


Blackberry by WET LIQUIDS brings out the amazing ripeness of this blackberry taste, leaving you feeling refreshed while smoking.

Blackberry by WET LIQUIDS SaltNic -30ml: 

Wet Liquids has proven time and time again that it is possible to create e-liquids with nothing but clean, natural, and fresh flavour, as evidenced by their large assortment of vape juices. Blackberry Salt is one of their most pleasing flavours, combining the heady taste of this forest-fresh berry with the power of nicotine salts to keep the vaper in a state of ecstasy from inhale to exhale. The rich nature of the cherry emerges on the tongue with each puff, taking the palette on a journey. To put it simply, it is refreshing, stimulating, and exhilarating, and it contains everything a vaper could want.

There’s nothing quite like a juicy summer berry with just the right mix of sweetness and acidity to make you grin. With WET LIQUIDS Blackberry SaltNIC ELiquid, you may enjoy that same amazing taste in a sensational berry form. This blackberry flavour’s incredible freshness will leave you feeling revitalised from head to toe.

The amazing tart-filled tones in each inhalation will make your mouth pucker up instantly. Its juiciness soaks the tongue as the thrilling flavour begins to emerge. The natural sweetness of the cherry on the exhale perfectly balances out this impression, right up to the next draw.

This flavour profile makes the mouth wet, with titillating brightness followed by the beautiful sweetness that may make the sweet tooth ecstatic. The flavour is consistent throughout the entire vaping session and earns it the title of all-day vape.

Wet Salts’ Blackberry vape juice comes in a tiny bottle with a wonderful throat hit blend that is just balanced for taste chasers who want to vape for hours on end.

This salt-based nicotine E-Juice delight needs to be in your collection today for a deeply refreshing and ridiculously tasty Wet Liquids vaping experience unlike any other.


This WET LIQUIDS Blackberry juice was designed with low-output atomizers and devices in mind. We propose that you use any of the refillable systems in our department to fill this drink.


Blackberry Salt E-Juice Specifications:

Flavour Profile:   Blackberry

Sizes:1 x 30ml bottle of Blackberry by Wet liquids

PG: 50%

VG: 50%

Available Nicotine Strengths: 30mg, 50mgs

Manufactured in: USA

NOTE: Must be Used with High-Resistance Coils


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