Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils - 1.2 Ohm


The Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils – 1.2 Ohm are perfect for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vapers. With a resistance of 1.2 Ohms, these coils deliver smooth flavor and consistent vapor production. Compatible with Voopoo devices, they are a reliable choice for an exceptional vaping experience.

Introducing the Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils – 1.2 Ohm, designed to provide an exceptional vaping experience for both beginners and advanced users alike. These coils are the perfect choice for vapers who prefer a smooth and flavorful mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping style.

Crafted with precision, the Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils feature a resistance of 1.2 Ohms, allowing for a balanced and controlled output of power. This resistance level ensures consistent and satisfying vapor production, delivering rich flavors with each inhale. Whether you enjoy nicotine salts or regular e-liquids, these coils cater to a wide range of vaping preferences.

The PnP-TR1 Coils are made from high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. With their organic cotton wicking material, these coils efficiently absorb e-liquid and evenly distribute it across the coil, resulting in enhanced flavor and vapor production. The coil’s design minimizes the risk of dry hits and offers a smooth and reliable vaping experience.

Compatibility is a key feature of the Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils. These coils are compatible with various Voopoo devices, including the popular Voopoo Drag S, Drag X, and Vinci Pod systems, making them a versatile choice for vapers who own these devices or plan to invest in them.

Replacing the coils is a breeze, thanks to their plug-and-play design. Simply remove the old coil and insert the new one, and you’re ready to vape again in no time. The Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils offer convenience and simplicity without compromising performance.

Experience the perfect balance of flavor, vapor production, and longevity with the Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils – 1.2 Ohm. Elevate your vaping journey and enjoy a satisfying MTL experience with these exceptional coils.

Voopoo PnP-TR1 Coils - 1.2 Ohm PnP-TR1 Coil - Voopoo - 1.2 ohm

PnP-TR1 Coils – Voopoo – 1.2ohm:

Pack of 5 genuine replacement Voopoo PnP-TR1 mesh MTL mouth-to-lung coils 1.2Ω Ohm.

Applicable to these mention below


  • Argus GT
  • Argus Air
  • Drag Max
  • Drag S
  • Drag X
  • Navi
  • PnP 20
  • PnP 22
  • V.Suit
  • Vinci
  • Vinci Air
  • Vinci R
  • Vinci X

Recommended Wattage:

  • 10-15 (1.20 Ohm)

You Will Receive:

  • 1x – 5 pack of VooPoo PnP- TR1 Replacement Coils


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