VGod Iced Apple Bomb Saltnic – 30ml (25mg, 50mg) NicSalt


VGOD Apple Bomb SaltNic is a multi-layered burst of a juicy Granny Smith apple at the start of the pull that progresses into a rich sour tartness of a sweet candied sour apple belt and finishes with a smooth iced menthol. VGOD’s Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic is for low wattage refillable devices only.

VGod Iced Apple Bomb Saltnic – 30ml (25mg, 50mg) Nicotine Strengths

Apple Bomb Ice Saltnic E-liquid by VGod delivers the perfect combination of sweet and sour, the fruity juiciness of apple (front and center) is also present in apple bomb ice by VGod. The green sour apple flavor is also noticeably present, giving this e-liquid a semblance of a green apple. And to top it all off, the Apple Bomb Iced by VGod has a cooling menthol finish that will leave your taste buds tingling.

It will explode your taste buds and it is perfect for those looking for a little something different.

The cooling menthol sensation on the exhale will leave you feeling refreshed.

If you’re looking for a flavor that will really wake you up, look no further than Apple Bomb Ice Saltnic by VGod!

Apple Bomb Iced (Saltnic) E-liquid by VGod –  (Features):

  1. Flavor: Sour Apple & Ice
  2. Bottle Capacity: 30ml
  3. Nicotine strengths: 25mg & 50mg.
  4. VG: 55%
  5. PG: 45%.


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