Skwezed Ice Grapefruit Salt E-liquid – 30ml (25 , 50mg Nicotine)


Not all e-liquids are created equally. Introducing Skwezed’s ice grapefruit salt, an e-liquid that’s perfect for low wattage systems. With a 50% VG/50% PG ratio and a 25mg nicotine strength, this vape juice is perfect for people who want a cool, refreshing hit without having to use high-wattage equipment.

It’s also made with natural grapefruit flavor, so it will taste just perfect.

Skwezed Ice Grapefruit Salt E-liquid – 30ml (25 , 50mg Nicotine)

You love the refreshing taste of grapefruit, but can’t get your hands on fresh ones? Problem solved with Skwezed’s Ice Grapefruit Salt E-liquid! This fruity, menthol-flavored e-juice is a must-have e-liquid in your e-liquid collection. It comes in varying nicotine levels (25 & 50mg) and is designed specifically for ultra-low wattage and pod based systems.

It is one of the dominant fruit flavors that is loved by vapers in Pakistan.

Ice grapefruit salt is a cool and refreshing e-liquid by Skwezed. This Ice grapefruit e-juice is perfect for hot summer days of Pakistan.

With a perfect blend of sweet and sour, this flavor is sure to please.

SKWEZED’s SALT ICED Grapefruit (Features):

  1. 30ml Chubby Unicorn Bottle
  2. Child Resistant Cap
  3. 50% VG
  4. 50% PG
  5. Nicotine Salts Formulation
  6. Crafted For Ultra-Low Wattage & Pod-Based System
  7. Made in USA
  8. Available in 25mg, 50mg


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