RELX Pod Pro Menthol XTRA – 5% Nicotine


The Brisk And Bold Minty Fresh Flavor Breaks The ICE With Xtra Richness.

RELX Pod Pro Menthol XTRA – 5% Nicotine

For RELX Infinity & Essential, RELX Pod Pro is intended. not suitable for use with other models. Discover a familiar flavor once more and breathe in the clean mountain air. Similar to how RELX Pod Pro would revive your sense of taste. Above all, enjoy both touch and taste with a variety of culinary options and an ergonomic design that is pleasant.

The ice is broken with additional richness by the brisk and bold minty flavor. The most up-to-date FEELM ceramic maze coil design is used in RELX Infinity pods. To prevent internal leaks and condensation for the best flavor and vapor production, the coil has an 11-layer heating element.

Vapor pods, often called e-liquid pods, are what power vape pens. To enhance the vaping experience, each pod contains a combination of taste, nicotine concentration, and other ingredients.

RELX Pods are ideal for both novice and seasoned vapers because of their inside structure, which is designed like a maze to help prevent any leaking, even when being transported on a flight. They are designed to provide adult smokers with the finest vaping experience possible.

More RELX Flavors will be delivered to your house.

RELX Pod Pro Menthol XTRA – Features:

  • (5%) nicotine strength.
  • 1.9mL of liquid per pod.
  • Non-Refillable Pods 
  • 650 Puffs Per Pod (Approx.)
  • Innovative leak-resistant maze coil.
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design.
  • Air Boost – Negative pressure airway design.
  • Active-Steam Pro – Constant and balanced atomizing
  • Made in China 


  • Designed ONLY for the RELX Classic Vape Pod Kit
  • NOT Compatible with the RELX Infinity Vape Pod Kit


Keep out of reach of children


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