RELX Pod Pro – Exotic Passion (Passion Fruit) – 3% Nicotine


RELX Exotic Passion Pod Pro From the classic to the novel, we’ve amazing flavors for you to choose from. Whatever you prefer the cooling cola & orange, the juicy tropical mango, pineapple & passionfruit, or the delicious watermelon, strawberry, peach, grape, and guava. RELX has a flavor for you.

RELX Pod Pro – Exotic Passion (Passion Fruit) – 3% Nicotine

The blend of citrus and RELX Exotic Passion Pod Pro fruit is released in layers and creates a very unique mouthfeel.
Passion Fruit is the flavor.
A vape pen’s fuel is vapor pods, often known as e-liquid pods. Each pod is made up of a unique blend of nicotine concentration, flavor, and other chemicals that improve the vaping experience.

It’s a flavor that’s out of the ordinary and impossible to beat.! Feel the passion with Exotic Passion Pod Pro, which features luscious passion fruit flavors and a minty exhale. RELX Exotic Pod uses the company’s cutting-edge FEELM technology. To get great vapor generation and a pleasant flavor profile, the wicking material is based on a ceramic block with a flat thin heating element.

The RELX Pod Pro is compatible with RELX Infinity and Essential. Other models are not compatible. Enjoy a breath of pure mountain air whiles oneself with a familiar flavor.

VAPEBAZZAR PK is now selling the RELX Exotic Pod in Pakistan.
It has the same cooling and effervescent sensation as the genuine thing.

Get more of our RELX Flavors at your doorstep.


  • (3%) nicotine strength.
  • 1.9mL of liquid per pod.
  • Non-Refillable Pods 
  • 650 Puffs Per Pod (Approx.)
  • Innovative leak-resistant maze coil.
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece design.
  • Air Boost – Negative pressure airway design.
  • Active-Steam Pro – Constant and balanced atomizing
  • Made in China 


  • Designed ONLY for the RELX Classic Vape Pod Kit
  • NOT Compatible with the RELX Infinity Vape Pod Kit


Keep out of reach of children


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