POP Vapors Salt – Big Apple ICE 30ml


Big Apple is the classic flavour of tart red apples pressed into a delightfully sweet concentrate with a hit of ice thrown it to keep things interesting. Classic, sweet and delicious!

Wanna quench your thirst while cooling down at the same time? Don’t let the stardom get to you. And, before you answer that, are you ready to make it in large world of vape flavors? If the answers are yes and yes, grab your favorite Pod Kit and load up on Big Apple Iced Salt by pop salts 30ml. Truly a deeply succulent and intensely refreshing e liquid that combines crisp red apples with the ideal amount of briskly smooth menthol. So vaping good, it’s sorta like you’ve been rejuvenated whenever you take a pull.

In fact, every inhale brings a stream of sweet and soothing nectar that trickles down your throat after fully saturating each taste bud. Instantly feel completely satisfied before an icy sensation lifts your spirits, making you feel chilled out beyond belief on the exhale.

This vape juice arrives in a vibrant 30ml chubby gorilla bottle with the ability to fulifill your smoking craving with its exceptional nic salt throat hit !

Overall, if you can vape it here, you can vape it anywhere.


VG/PG: 50/50

Flavor Profile: Red Apple, Menthol


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