IVG Salt – Blue Raspberry 30ml (30 , 50 mg)


Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry

Blue Raspberry – IVG Salts E Liquid

Want to help yourself to a berry combination that is going to give you a sensation like no other? Well, maybe you should pay attention to the salt e liquid that we are about to introduce to you. Blue Raspberry is the salt e liquid that is going to keep you coming back for more. No, this is not the blend that is only going to give you a candy-like blue raspberry flavor because it is actually the mixture of a few blueberry and raspberry. When you take a pull of this salt e liquid, you are going to taste the blueberries rushing into your mouth and giving you the sweet flavors that you enjoy. The blueberries are also going to taste ripe, but the raspberries used in this salt e liquid are going to be too. Speaking of the raspberries, when they eventually stroll in, they are going to give you the tart sensation that you enjoy when you take a handful of these raspberries and place them in your mouth. As both of these flavors come together, you might get this smooth sensation as if you are helping yourself to a slushy. This salt e liquid is even going to give you throat hit that is going to steal your attention and make you enjoy everything that this blend has to offer. The throat hit is going to make you feel as if you are actually consuming a sweet and tart cocktail that is making your taste buds go crazy. When you think it is time to exhale, you are going to slowly breathe out and let the salt e liquid exit. You might get a couple of few remaining notes that are going to be tasty, but nothing too potent. Your cloudy friends are going to come out of your mouth and they are going to smell incredible, even though they are not as big. Just sit back and relax with this salt e liquid that is going to be mouthwatering.


Primary Flavors: Blueberry, Raspberry


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