IQOS HEETS Silver Label – HEETS Silver Selection (200 Sticks)


Heets Silver Label or Selection flavor has smooth taste of traditional tobacco, as light as a breeze.

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HEETS Silver Selection Flavor

SILVER LABEL BY HEETS – SELECTION has a smooth taste of traditional tobacco, as light as a breeze.

HEETS Silver flavor is made with a smooth and finely stable tobacco blend. Now available online in Pakistan at Vape Bazaar.


The tobacco flavor of HEETS Silver Selection sticks is rich and pure. They have a strong and distinct flavor, almost no odor, and resemble cigarettes. No fruity, nutty, citrus, woody, or other unique notes are present.
Silver Label or Selection by IQOS HEETS is what allows you to safely convert to IQOS after years of smoking.
HEETS Silver Selection pack has a minimalistic design with a white background, silver top, and lettering. Supplied in boxes of 10 packs. Each pack contains 20 pieces.


Philip Morris international created the IQOS Heated Tobacco technology to give adult smokers a better alternative to smoking. IQOS Heat does not Burn technology heats the tobacco stick, releasing nicotine and tobacco flavor with on average 95% less harmful chemicals compared to cigarettes.

Insert a HEETS stick into the IQOS Holder. The regulated heating element within the IQOS Holder heats the tobacco stick to a perfect 350°C with the push of a button. The genuine flavor of tobacco will release through a nicotine-containing vapor. Each session lasts about 6 minutes, which is about 14 puffs per HEETS tobacco stick, similar to a typical cigarette. HEETS Silver lasts up to 14 puffs like a regular cigarette. It is the best alternative for adult smokers

How many HEETS Silver Flavor in a Pack?

Each pack contains 20 HEETS tobacco sticks, single carton contains 10 packs of HEETS (200 tobacco sticks), made the specially selected tobacco. You can smoke them freely anywhere as they are compatible.


Includes Inside HEETS Silver Label Flavor:

10 x 20 Pack IQOS HEETS Silver Label Carton Tobacco Sticks


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