HEETS Teak Label – IQOS Teak Selection (200 Sticks)


IQOS HEETS are real tobacco sticks designed for the range of IQOS ‘Heat Not Burn’ products.

A balanced, roasted tobacco blend with a creamy note. Refined nutty aromas provide for tobacco enjoyment with an intense flavor experie

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HEETS Teak Selection Flavor

These IQOS HEETS Teak tobacco sticks are designed for use with the IQOS system and are made with specially selected tobaccos. Teak Label HEETS have a balanced, roasted tobacco blend with a creamy note. Refined nutty aromas provide for tobacco enjoyment with an intense flavor experience.

Heets Teak Label from IQOS


You will notice that HEETS are like little mini-cigarettes, but do not be put off by their diminutive size as they contain as much nicotine as regular cigarettes. The reason for this is that with a traditional cigarette most of it is wasted through combustion. With HEETS there is no smoke from the holder (which is better for your clothes and ceilings to name just two instant benefits) and what you effectively inhale is vapors rather than smoke, because there is no actual combustion involved. This is the very forefront of technology and is one of the reasons that IQOS is so effective.

IQOS uses revolutionary technology that heats tobacco without burning it, giving you the true taste of tobacco with no smoke, no ash and less smell. This is ideal for health-conscious smokers who don’t wish to vape who would still like the closest alternative experience to smoking on the market.

This new heat not burn technology heats the mini tobacco sticks (called HEETS) but doesn’t actually burn them – so in comparison to a conventional cigarette which burns at 800 degrees, the IQOS heats the tobacco to 350°C and instead produces a smoke vapor rather than traditional smoke.

This results in an average reduction of 90% to 95% in the levels of toxicity and harmful substances found in tobacco IQOS vapor compared to smoke from a cigarette.

On top of that, the IQOS has no ash, no smoke, and of course significantly less smell. And because its not LIT tobacco, it also avoids the smoking ban and can be used indoors (where permitted).


IQOS has developed an alternative for adult smokers who would otherwise continue to smoke and want to enjoy real tobacco taste without the smoke or ash of cigarettes. Moreover, this product is not for non-smokers or ex-smokers and is compatible only with the IQOS device.

Insert a HEETS stick into the IQOS Holder and push the button. The tobacco stick is heated to a precise 350°C by the controlled heating element within the IQOS Holder. Consequently, this releases the true taste of tobacco through a nicotine-containing vapor. Hence without burning the tobacco or generating smoke giving a satisfying feeling. As with a traditional cigarette, each session lasts for around 6 minutes which is the equivalent of approx 14 puffs per –tobacco stick.

This box of TEAK by IQOS HEETS includes 20 tobacco sticks. Hence, Each HEETS stick contains 0.5mg of nicotine and other flavor options are available.

Use only according to the supplied instructions and ensure that the product is out of reach to children.

Includes Inside HEETS Teak Label Flavor:

10 x 20 Pack of HEETS TEAK LABEL Tobacco Sticks


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