Blvk Fusion – Kiwi Pom Berry – ( 35 , 50 mg)


A frozen splash of strawberries finished with a tangy fusion of kiwi and pomegranate

Note : this is Tobacco free Nicotine flavor

Blvk Fusion – Kiwi Pom Berry – ( 35 , 50 mg)


Introducing BLVK’s new Salt Nic Series BLVK Fusion series in Pakistan. For the very first time, BLVK has introduced tobacco-free e liquids with its Fusion Series; bringing some of the amazing mouth-watering flavor fusions you have never tested before. The BLVK Fusion Series include Lemone Tendarine ICE  Passion Grape Ice, Grape apple ice, Citrus strawberry ice and Kiwi Pom Berry ice

Check out Passion Grape Ice by BLVK Fusion, melding together tangy passionfruit, sweet grapes, and menthol for a grain of delicious synthetic nicotine salt. Indulge in this sweet and tart blend of passionfruit and grapes with an added iced menthol kick; a perfect flavor for the citrus and sweet flavor blend lovers out there!

The Passion Grape Ice has got the fusion of sweet and sour flavor you’ve been searching for. Start with a cloud of sweetness from the freshly picked grapes flavor, and experience the tartness of plump passion fruits. If you like your e-liquid sour and fruity, look no further!

Unlike BLVK’s previous series BLVK Pink series and BLVK Unicorn Series, the BLVK Fusion Series flavors are now formulated with Tobacco-Free Nicotine, synthetic nicotine not derived from tobacco leaves. This may result in a different experience as TFN can reduce the harshness profile typically in regular E-Liquids.

Blvk is a premium ejuice company of USA. The vision of Blvk fusion series is to bring the top vaping experience to the consumers. With years of experience in the vaping industry, Blvk provides best customer services and powerful marketing strategies

BLVK introduces its new salt Nic series that is Blvk fusion series in pakistan in which they introduce tobacco free nicotine flavors first time ever in history bringing some of the flavors as below, blvk fusion series include 5 flavors.


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