7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple Mango 30ml (30, 50 mg)


A crisp, sweet ICY red apple juice with a mouthwatering mango finish, a twist on their classic Reds apple ejuice

7 Daze Salt – ICED Reds Apple Mango 30ml (30, 50 mg)

Mentholated wonderful blend of mangoes and apple e-juice is that what you need for your vaping desires on a hot summer days. Thoroughly made for a vaping community, Reds Salt Iced Mango e-juice is well-composed to keep on check your daily nicotine cravings.

Cool down your inner fire and add a piece of vaping happiness through the inhale. The burst of juicy and tart mango flavor paired with apple juice runs over your tongue, invigorating you like a crazy. As the flavor mellows out, the hints of menthol awakens your taste buds. With each exhale, mint touched coolness of this amazing blend takes over and over.

Available in a 30ml unicorn bottle with a smooth throat hit blend of 50/50 VG/PG, this  e-juice is nicotine salt what you need to chase your large clouds and be satisfied.


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