Privacy Policy For Ezvape

Ezvape is committed to protecting your personal data and respects your right to privacy. This privacy notice will explain how we handle your personal information when you interact with us, as well as your privacy rights and how the law is supposed to protect you.

The layered nature of this privacy notice enables you to click through to the details given below. Please also refer to the Glossary for a better understanding of the definitions of any of the terms used in this privacy notice.

The information we collect about you

Any data that may be utilized to find an individual is mentioned to as personal data or personal data. It keeps out data in which the identity has been concealed (anonymous data).

We may gather, use, keep, and transmit the following categories of personal information about you:

Identity Information: contains title, date of birth, gender, first name, maiden name, last name, username or other unique identifier.


Data About Contact: provides contact information such as phone numbers, email addresses, and delivery addresses.


Financial Information: contains information about payments to and from you as well as other information regarding the goods and services you have bought from us.


Tech Information: includes internet protocol (IP) address, login information, operating system, platform, browser type, and version information, as well as other technologies on the devices you use to access our website.


Profile Information: contains your login name and password, any orders or transactions you’ve done, as well as your interests, tastes, reviews, and survey replies.


Data on Use: includes data on how you use our goods, services, and website.


Data on marketing and communications: covers your communication choices as well as how you desire to be marketed to by us and our partners.


If you do not give personal information

We cannot be capable to carry out the agreement we currently have with you or are venturing to enter into with you (for instance, to give you with) if we are required to collect personal data by law or by the terms of a contract we have with you and you refuse to supply that data when requested you with goods or services). In this scenario, we should require to cancel a product or service you have with us, but we’ll let you know right away if that’s the case.

How Are Your Private Information Collected?

We use a multiple technique to obtain knowledge from and about you, including:

Direct Communication

You can give us your identity, contact data, and monetary data by finishing up structures or reaching us via mail, telephone, email, or another technique. This includes any private data you provide when:

Apply for our goods or services,
Register on our website,
Do sign up for our newsletter or another services,
Ask to get marketing materials,
Participate in a contest, promotion, or survey,
Or provide us with some feedback.

Technology Or Interactions That Are Automated

When you use our website, we may automatically collect Technical Data about your device, browsing activities, and routines.

Cookies, server logs, and other alike technologies are utilized by us to collect this personal data. If you stay with other websites that utilize our cookies, we can also learn technical information about you. To find out more, kindly see our cookie policy.


CCTV may be used to keep property and premises secure, to prevent and investigate crime, and to keep an eye on employees as they go about their jobs. For these reasons, visual representations, a person’s look, and actions may all be included in the information that is processed. It’s possible that this data relates to employees, clients and customers, criminals and suspect criminals, members of the public, and those who are within, entering, or around the area being watched. This information is disclosed to the data subjects’ own workers and agents, service providers, law enforcement agencies, security companies, and those who are enquiring when necessary or needed.

Third Parties Or Openly Accessible Sources

As stated below, we could obtain personal information about you from a variety of third parties and open sources.

How We Utilize Your Private Information

We won’t use your personal information unless it’s required by law. The following scenarios are the most common ones in which we will use your personal information:

When we are required to carry out the terms of the agreement we are entering into with you or have already agreed into.

When our legitimate interests (or those of a third party) do not prevail over your basic rights and interests.

Any circumstance in which we are required to comply with a legal or regulatory requirement.

Except for sending you email or text messages from third parties with direct marketing messages, we generally do not use permission as a legal basis for processing your personal data. By getting in touch with us, you can at any time revoke your permission to market.

Reasons why we'll utilize your personal information

A list of all the ways we intend to use your personal data, together with the legal justifications for each, is provided below in table format. If applicable, we have also determined what our really held interests are.

Please take note that depending on the exact reason we are utilizing your data, we may handle it for more than one legal basis. In the event that you require additional information than what is provided in the table below regarding the exact legal basis we are using to handle your personal data, please get in touch with us.


We make an effective effort to give you choices with regards to how your own information is utilized, particularly for promoting and publicizing. The following personal data protection methods have been set up:

Promotional Deals We're Offering

We may make assumptions about what you might need or desire or find interesting based on your Identification, Contact, Technical, Usage, and Profile Data. This is how we select the offers, services, and goods that could be of interest to you (we call this marketing).

If you have provided us with your contact information when participating in a contest or campaign, purchased goods or services from us, or requested information from us, each event, you have not opted out of receiving that marketing, you will get marketing messages from us.

External Marketing

Before disclosing your personal information to any business outside the ezvape group of companies for marketing reasons, we will first obtain your explicit opt-in authorization.

Opting Out

By clicking the opt-out options included in each marketing communication we send you or by getting in touch with us whenever you want, you can request that we or third parties no longer send you marketing messages.

If you choose not to receive these marketing communications, we will still have access to the personal information you gave us when you made a purchase, registered a warranty, used a service, or engaged in other activities.


You can set your browser to either let you know when websites access or set cookies or to reject all or some browser cookies. Please be aware that certain portions of our website may become unavailable or malfunction if you disable or reject cookies.

Changing In Purpose

We will only use your personal data for the purposes for which they were collected, unless there is a good reason to believe that we need to use it for another purpose that is compatible with the original for which we obtained it. Please get in touch with us if you’d like further information on how the processing for the new purpose is consistent with the original purpose.

We will let you know and explain the legal justification for using your personal information for a different purpose if we need to do so.

Please take note that, when necessary or authorized by law, we may treat your personal data without your knowledge or consent and in accordance with the aforementioned guidelines.

Disclosures Of Your Private Information

For the reasons outlined in the table in paragraph 4 above, we could be required to disclose your personal information to the parties listed below.

As described in the Glossary, internal third parties.

External third parties, as defined in the Glossary.

Any third parties to whom we could decide to sell, transfer, or combine portions of our company or our assets. We could also try to buy or combine with other businesses. Your personal information may continue to be used in accordance with the terms of this privacy notice if our business is sold to new owners.

As required by us, all third parties must abide by the law and safeguard the security of your personal data. We just let our outsider specialist co-ops to handle your own information hence and in accordance with our directions. They cannot use your personal information for their own purposes without our permission.

Data Protection

We have implemented the necessary security measures to protect your personal information from accidental loss, modification, disclosure, or use. In addition, we restrict access to your personal information to employees, agents, contractors, and other third parties with a business need to know. When processing your personal data, they are bound by a confidentiality agreement and will only act in accordance with our instructions.

In the event that the law requires it, we will notify you and any relevant regulator of a breach and have procedures in place to deal with any suspected breach of personal data.

Retaining Data

How long will my personal information be used?

Your personal information will only be kept by us for as long as is required to fulfil the reasons for which it was originally obtained, including to meet any reporting or legal obligations.

When determining the appropriate retention period for personal data, a number of factors are taken into consideration, including the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the data, the risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure, the purposes for which the data is processed and whether those purposes can be met through other means, and any applicable legal requirements.

By contacting us, you can obtain a copy of our retention policy, which details the retention periods for various parts of your personal data.

Legal Rights You Have

In accordance with data protection laws, your personal information may be entitled to various protection. You could

Request your personal info be made available.

Request updating of your personal information.

Request that your personal data be deleted.

Requesting that the processing of your personal data be stopped

Request limiting the use of your personal data

Requesting the transfer of your personal information

The ability to revoke consent

If you wish to exercise any of the ahead rights, please contact us.

There is often no cost

Viewing your personal information or exercising any other rights won’t cost you anything. However, we may charge a reasonable price if your request is clearly baseless, repeated, or unreasonable. We may also decline to comply with your request in some instances.

What you would need to provide

We may need to ask you for some information (or to exercise any of your other rights) in order to verify your identity and establish that you have the right to access your personal data. This is a security measure to prevent the disclosure of personal information to an unauthorized individual. We might get in touch with you and ask for additional information in order to respond to your request more quickly.

The deadline for responses

We make sure to respond to all valid queries within a month. Occasionally, if your request is exceptionally complicated or you have made several requests, it can take us more than a month. In this scenario, we’ll let you know and keep you informed.
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